KS Witnesses
Witnesses at the KS Dept of Education Hearings
The hearings are an unofficial promotion of the Discovery Institute
and a component of the wedge strategy
Court rooms (kangaroo or otherwise) do not decide scientific debates. They are settled in peer-reviewed journals.

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The KSBOE hearing resembled a legal proceeding more than a scientific proceeding. It was, in fact, a promotion organized by John Calvert with the help of the Discovery Institute. In contrast to a scientific proceeding, witnesses were chosen for adherence to doctrine (Intelligent Design), not for scientific prominence. The purpose of the hearing was not to explore science, but to justify decisions of fundamentalist board members.
Angus Menuge - Missouri synod philosopher, ID apologist

Bryan Leonard - ID supporter, HS teacher, coauthor of Ohio lesson plans

Nancy Bryson - chemist, learned biology from Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe

Mustafa Akyol - Islamic spokesman for theism

Russell Carlson - academic biochemist and Christian apologist

Roger DeHart - taught Christian apologetics in public HS

Edward T. Peltzer - oceanographer and Christian apologist

Daniel Ely - human physiology, Univ of Akron, coauthor of Ohio standards

William S. Harris - fish oil, intercessory prayer and ID

James Barham - independent scholar, proponent of teleology

Jill Gonzalez Bravo - Junior high school teacher

Scott Minnich - promoter of "irreducible complexity"

Warren Nord - education should capture the pre-enlightement atmosphere

Charles Thaxton - physical chemist, Christian ID apologist

Robert DiSilvestro - human nutrition at Ohio State, Christian apologist

John Millam - young Earth apologist

Ralph Seelke - microbiologist and Christian apologist

John Sanford - horticulturalist who found God

Giuseppe Sermonti - editor of the idiosyncratic, low impact journal, Rivista di Biologia

Bruce Simat - teaches science at college founded by William Bell Riley

John Calvert - retired lawyer, ID's bulldog

Michael Behe - infatuated with "irreducible complexity" (his personal "insight")

Stephen Meyer - philosopher, program leader, CSC, Discovery Institute

Jonathan Wells - ID apologist and Moonie