Kansas creationism
Creationism in Kansas - is there intelligent life in KS?
Kansas, science free zone
This page inspired by What's the Matter with Kansas - good read - Commentary

New! - Kansas struggles with Next Generation Science Standards

Kansas sued
, The people of Kansas v Darwin

Kansas' evolution debate just keeps evolving

Kenneth Willard pushing creationism

Current election - Kansas teachers aren't anti-evolution

Candidate info 2008 - Evolution hot topic in KS

Answers to KCFS questionnaire (2008) - some candidates use pseudoscientifc resources

Advice for the 2008 elections - Tom Willis on "evolutionists"

KSBOE throws out creationist standards - Notorious KS Kangaroo Kourt summarized

Pat Hayes summarizes fundamentalist attempts to influence KS science standards

2005 standards had little effect - Standards will return to normal - Doug Kaufman

New science standards again - Election results - District 3 board race

The Kansas City Star recommends - Sebelius attacks board

Keeping Kansas on track - Steven Case, letter to the editor

Balance on board of education shifts - Antievolution standards - Colson weighs in

KC Star recommendations - Kansas morons - ID teacher's guide

Upcoming board elections - Anti-evolution billboards

Kansas Association of Teachers of Science Statement - School district rejects

Dembski in Lawrence - Eugenie Scott

"These evolutionists are saying that Jesus was half-chimpanzee"

God, Science and the Kooky Kansans who love them both

Welcome to KS - Science redefined - National Academy of Sciences comments on KS standards

Board adopts creationist standards - Upcoming board of education elections

Evolution in Kansas, a geologist reflects - Groups deny KS use of their science standards

Standards to be reviewed - The new education commissioner

Nobel laureates contact KS board, Science reports KS standards

Comments from Coalition for Science, latest NYT editorial (annotated), KS creationists

Barnum in Topeka (5/9) - Is the ID strategy a loser? (5/13), Krauss on "teaching the controversy" (5/17)

Tony Ortega reports (5/5), Alternet (5/19), Andrew Gumbel (5/19)

John Calvert, Philip Skell, Latest proposed revisions of standards (pdf, 3/29/05)

Kansas State Board of Education, Kangaroo court witnesses

Who pays for the Kangaroo court?

When critical thinking devolves

From the Washington Post

ID vs creationism

KS Board of Ed KC meeting , Report, Evolution resource in Manhattan

Standards committee rejects creationism, Kansas makes the Sunday Times

Steve Abrams spearheads another attempt to bring creationism to KS.

Draft report on science standards - Committee - Proponents of creationism

Jack Krebs' talk in Lawrence (KU speech online) - State science standards committee

Kansas town lighted fuse of Ohio feud over origins

Forces of Darkness, Linda Holloway

John Brinkley
- historical figure in Kansas pseudoscience (with goat glands)

Pope Michael 1, Kansas' papal claimant

Tim Golba, Celtie Johnson

Kay O'Connor - Why is she a legislator if she believes women shouldn't vote?

Creationists on the current board - Abrams, Bacon, Martin, Willard

The Lawrence Journal World on the issues

Washington Post interview - Kansas creationist

The State Board of Education decision (1999)

The Abrams revision

Story behind the vote

Answers in Genesis defends

The view from afar - also

View from Fordham

State Board of Education elections - 2000 - Fundies out

Evolution returns - 2001

Jack Cashill - Triumph of Design

Richard Dawkins on Kansas

The Intelligent Design Network - John Calvert - Lobbying the Kansas State Board of Education

Creation Science Association of Mid America

Kansas Citizens for Science

John D. Altevogt

Kansans for Life