Michael Behe - irreducible complexity
Michael Behe - irreducible complexity

michael behe
Michael Behe
The result (evidence for intelligent design) is so unambiguous and so significant that it must be ranked as one of the greatest achievements in the history of science. The discovery rivals those of Newton and Einstein, Lavoisier and Schrodinger, Pasteur, and Darwin.

(Intelligent design) “is a completely empirical conclusion”

I don’t NEED any mechanism, because I know the answer before I start.

No, of course I haven't done lab research on the systems described in Darwin's Black Box.

I was a normal scientist.

Michael Behe
"Sheer improbability by itself is not enough to eliminate chance."
William Dembski, The Design Inference

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"Behe's book is engaging and readable, and that's too bad, because gullible readers may mistake "readable" and "engaging" for "scientifically accurate," something which is decidedly not the case. Simply put, Behe's conclusions are so wrong as to be laughable."
Tim Beazley
"It shouldn't take a Ph.D. to recognize this as horseshit"
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