Kansas anti-creationism resources
Kansas anti-creationism resources
Summary of resources on my site

Pharyngula's book list (annotated)

(Lack of) intelligent design in the scientific literature

ID as Batesian mimicry, ID as the new vitalism

KS creationists, Witnesses at the Topeka hearing

How to get bad scientific advice - describes what KSBOE is doing

Should we "teach the controversy"?

The wedge strategy, goals, Strengths and weaknesses

Is evolution a "theory in crisis"? Will the Commonwealth of Rhode Island take over the federal government?

Apologetics, what are they?, Fallacies of classification

What sort of critical thinking does the DI support?

If ID is in the curriculum, this should also be in the curriculum

Introduction to creationism, Evidence against evolution

Weaknesses of evolution, Common creationist misconceptions

What is "objective science"?, Antievolution letters

Links to state anticreationist organizations