Bruce Simat - creation scientist
Bruce Simat - creation scientist

bruce simat
Bruce Simat
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Northwestern college science faculty

Northwestern College was founded in 1902 by the notorious creationist William Bell Riley - see also

Northwestern College offers one Hell of an Education

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Commentary form a former Northwestern student:
I Googled the heck out of Bruce Simat, putatively a teacher of some kind at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, because that’s the school I graduated from (with degrees in Bible, Sociology, and Communications). It took me almost 20 years to unlearn to utter nonsense that was passed off as biology at that school. I must say, my “biology” professor was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, but the entire course was one long creationism apologetic—nothing more. Same with the school’s “earth science,” which was pure flood geology. Northwestern College is a small fundamentalist school with a popular Christian radio station, the patronage of Rose Totino (who became a millionaire selling pizzas), and the distinction of having Billy Graham as its president for a couple of years several decades ago. To paraphrase a Gospel passage (can’t let that Bible degree go utterly to waste), “Can any good science come out of Northwestern College?”