John Calvert - ID's bulldog
John Calvert - ID's bulldog

John Calvert
John Calvert
He shares with Phillip Johnson (also a born again lawyer) a religious conviction that scientists are wrong
"The science establishment imposes this naturalistic limitation on scientific explanation of the origin of life by censoring two kinds of evidence. First, any evidence critical of Darwinian evolutionary theory is censored, as with the evidence of the Cambrian explosion. But most importantly, any evidence that living systems may be designed is censored at all costs."

"Teachers are not free to teach the controversy surrounding life's origins"

"The logic of it just blew me away, particularly in the New Testament, the gospels"

"God is using this [debate] to bring people to know Him better"

"We are seeing a collapse of an orthodoxy and the only way to save it is to disparage (the opposition), biologists are going to have to rethink the way they thought about life"

"We also need theologians who can rebut the argument of the Christian biology teacher that there is no conflict between evolution or naturalism and Christianity."

"Creation science says we don't start with the data, we start with the Bible."

"I don't have any respect at all for your paper (The Pitch)."
John Calvert
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John Calvert of Lake Quivira, KS - a retired lawyer with a degree in geology
Practiced corporate finance and business litigation law with Lathrop and Gage L.C. in Kansas City for 32 years, retired six years ago to turn his attention to the science standards in public schools.
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