John A. Davison - anti-Darwinist
John A. Davison - anti-Darwinist (deceased)

john a davison
John A Davison
The Darwinian model is a complete disaster without a shred of experimental verification or support...

My schlock is not “junk” and happens to agree entirely with Lonnig’s schlock"

I am proud of having made the top rating at Crank Dot Com. I am "The Crankiest." Isn't that precious? It reminds me of Cassius Clay. "I am the greatest."

I do not hurl my feces.

I am confident that history will demonstrate that Giuseppe Sermonti and his obscure and denigrated Rivista di Biologia will one day be recognized as having provided the platform for a new model for organic evolution, one which will entirely replace the most failed hypothesis in the history of science. I refer you to my paper in the current issue of Rivista, "A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis."

It seems that William Dembski, unwilling to accept me as a potential ally, has found it necessary to expunge my commments from his personal forum.

John A. Davison
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