Salvador Cordova - Intelligent design apologist

Salvador Cordova - Intelligent design apologist

salvador cordova
Salvador Cordova
"I keep hearing that repeated, but I just don't see that evolutionary theory is a cornerstone of science."

"Claiming ID is religious motivated is fair"

"(I) am reasonably persuaded on scientific grounds alone that the geological column exists only in textbooks."

"I have felt deeply betrayed by the theistic evolutionists."

"... one young lady last year became a Christian after she heard me debate the atheists for 4 hours."

"It appears Campus Crusade intends to use Intelligent Design as an evangelistic tool."

"The laws of physics themselves are a formalization of informational aspects of physical reality."

"I'm predicting the "J-shaped" curve (mutation rate vs. time) will lead to an irreconcilable contradiction which will fatally destroy the molecular clock hypothesis"

Salvador Cordova
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