Kent Hovind - moron

Feds can seize Dinosaur Adventure Land
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Is Kent Hovind a genius?
"Evolution is the dumbest and most dangerous idea in the history of humanity"
Kent Hovind

I do think Kent Hovind is a semi-reputable source for science information, and World Net Daily has always been one of my top three news sources

From John Stear's - No Answers in Genesis
"I think that anyone who would choose to believe the religion of evolution is totally ignorant. You can believe that you came from a monkey if you want, but I didn't! Dr. Kent Hovind is a genius and you are just mad because he proves that you are stupid and wrong. I think you should grow up and stop posting sites that merely defame someone else. Try to do something positive for a change, or you may just evolve into a toad !"
Author anonymous
Hovind guilty again

Kent Hovind's latest run in with the IRS, April 2004

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