Tom Bethell - writer, antievolution apologist
Tom Bethell - writer, antievolution apologist

Tom Bethell
Tom Bethell
"If the advocates of design can invoke an invisible Designer, or God, who can prevail over all difficulties any time He wants and design any form of life at will, then we are more within the realm of magic than science."

"The fact is, they donít have the foggiest idea how the mechanisms they study came into existence."

"Evolution is not something that is seen in the rocks but deduced from a philosophy."

"The creatures that evolution purports to explain are fantastically complex."

"The underlying problem, rarely discussed, is that the conclusions of evolutionism are based not on science, but on a philosophy: the philosophy of materialism, or naturalism."

"But that is a sermon for another day."
Tom Bethell

Bethell is hostile to science, unfamiliar with experimental aspects of
science, and relies on quotes that support his preconceptions.
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