Are you indoctrinated?
What is indoctrination?
Indoctrination is instruction in a principle. Indoctrination is problematic if it's shallow and if it discourages exploring other perspectives. It's especially problematic if it teaches unsound principles.

What are the most common sources of indoctrination?

Religion and politics

How do you know that you're indoctrinated?
1- You have difficulty listening to alternatives even when presented by highly competent people.

2- You are surrounded by people who share your beliefs and who likewise avoid alternatives.

3- Alternative views will cause you to burn in hell or to be rejected by your friends.

4- You rely on friends rather than experts for advice.

5- You are uncomfortable among people (especially experts) with alternative views (e.g of the other political persuasion).

6- You prefer reassurance to insight.
So what if I'm indoctrinated?

The world is pluralistic. Effectiveness in the larger world requires communication with many whose beliefs differ from yours. Furthermore education requires change. Becoming a better person requires holding on to what's best and changing what's not.