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America's not so broken school system, Education and poverty

School Reform: a failing grade, Education in Finland, Finding scholarships

Why students drop out, Charter schools, Recipe for success

On Reading, Teaching how to think, Unschooling, Student engagement

Why college?
, Whose failing grade is it?, Liberal Education

college, How to fix schools, Goals of a college education

Summer reading, The latest on study habits, Edutopia

Time management, a critical skill, , Studying for final exams

More time management

Dealing with problem students, Angela Duckworth on grit

Procrastination (Chronicle of Higher Ed), at wikipedia

Learning specifics may not help with learning abstractions

Self control, Self regulated learning, Learning by teaching

Evaluating teachers (Malcolm Gladwell), Khan Academy

Evaluating education, Problems with the Bachelors degree, Intellectual development

How do we assess learning?, Conservatives in academe

Modern education, What works in education, Types of knowledge

Alexander Meiklejohn, Simon Barnes on education, UNL ADAPT program

Competitive high schools, Getting your money's worth at college (John Janovy)

What It Takes to Make a Student, Closing the achievement gap

Reading, Hypocognition, Top teaching resources, Learning at wikipedia

Education wonks - blog, Topix, education, Wikiversity

Formal reasoning (Piaget), Scientific literacy, Constructivism

Good (comprehensive) learning site, Constructivism at wikipedia

Analytical thinking, Tacit knowledge at wikipedia, Alternatives to college

Cognitive development, Teaching resources, Literacy problems

A college teacher reflects, Libraries, Plagiarism at Oxford

The learning cycle (David Kolb), The learning cycle at wikipedia

Reading habits and social class, cognition at wikipedia, Habits of mind

The Princeton Review, Windows to the Universe, Writing a syllabus

Examsmanship and the Liberal Arts, essay by William G. Perry

Access to higher education, Learning in graduate school

Twelve things all freshmen should know, Skipping class

Anti-intellectualism in
education, at wikipedia, Learning vs. understanding

Metacognition, what is it?, Metacognition at wikipedia

The major perversions of education, What bores teenagers?

Critical thinking, Critical thinking in biology, Thinking dispositions

Critical thinking and the scientific method, Critical thinking in science