Robert Gentry, creationist
Robert Gentry, creationist
"I sort of wrestled with living with what I felt were two distinct world views. I knew that one of them had to be incorrect. So basically I started an independent research program myself."

Robert Gentry

"The material that's out there (creation science) is—uh, I'll hold back and be nice—garbage. It's really atrocious."

Kurt Wise
Robert V. Gentry

A physicist by training, he has spent the last 36 years looking for clues to the creation and publishing his findings in respected academic journals, including Science and Nature. His peculiar career started like those of many other scientists in the 1950s--after receiving a master's degree from the University of Florida in 1956, he spent several years working in the defense industry, for military contractors like General Dynamics. At the time, he was a "theistic evolutionist," a Christian who accepted the general theory of evolution.

But in 1959, he joined the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which emphasizes scriptural literalism. Studying the biblical account of creationism, Gentry concluded it could not accommodate an evolutionary approach.
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