Miscellaneous creationists
Miscellaneous creationists
Know the difference between science and apologetics

List of creationists and signatories of antievolution petition (more)

Why you should be wary of opinions of creationists
Brian Fahling - Senior Trial Attorney. American Family Association

Brad Harrub - Young Earth apologist

Tom Bethell - writer, antievolution apologist

James Le Fanu - Darwin Doubter

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. - science as scholasticism

Walter Brown - apologist for creation science

Stuart Burgess - British apologist for the argument from design

Andy McIntosh - British creationist

Herman Cummings - promoter of "Observations of Moses"

Robert Gentry - radiohalos

Philip Skell - retired carbene chemist, National Academy member

Robert Sungenis - Catholic apologist

Ken Ham - quintessential young Earth creationst

D. James Kennedy - Dominionist and creationist

Cheri Pierson Yecke - Educational administrator, creationist

John Calvert - ID's bulldog

William S Harris - promoter of intercessory prayer

David Awbrey - KSBE spokesman

Steve Abrams - KS antievolution ringmaster

Connie Morris - KS board of education

Kathy Martin - KS board of education

Kenneth Willard - KS board of education

Cynthia Davis - Missouri's answer to Connie Morris

Denyse O'Leary - Canadian ID apologist

Edward Sisson - intelligent design attorney

Caroline Crocker - ID promoter

Salvador Cordova - Intelligent design apologist

Marvin Olasky - antievolution publicist

Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig - European ID promoter

Don Patton - young Earth creationist and evangelist

Darrick Dean - ID apologist

Glen R. Needham - ID promoter

John A Davison - anti-Darwinist

Tom Willis - raving fundamentalist

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