Fluoride in York
Newspaper puts health of children in jeopardy
Les Lane, 2303 N 53rd St, Lincoln, NE 68504

To the Editor,

Fluoridation is one of America's most important contributions to public health. Grand Rapids, Mich., was the first American city to fluoridate it's drinking water (1945). As of 1992, 134 million Americans drink artificially fluoridated water and another 10.5 drink naturally fluoridated water.

Virtually all scientific and medical sources, including the Nebraska Dental Association, recommend fluoridation. The benefits of fluoridation have been crystal clear for decades. Controlled studies continue to show benefits (without negative side effects) of fluoridation. These benefits are somewhat less than the earliest studies showed probably because of better diet and better overall oral health.

The York City Council is to be commended for promoting fluoridation. By featuring a pseudoscientific editorial, the News-Times has put the health of impoverished children in jeopardy. I find this ethically unacceptable and I call upon the News Times to rectify the situation.

Uneducated theories on fluoride dangerous

Kathy Ponte-Hamersky, Lincoln

Dear Editor:

I have been reading many of the letters to the editor regarding the fluoride issue in York. At first I thought it was amusing and then many of the letters made me angry. I do not see how an educated person could believe the things that are coming out of the anti fluoride people's mouths. I will not rehash what has already been said, but calling someone a Nazi or unpatriotic because they are stating their opinion is really going too far.

I do recall having the freedom of speech.

Maybe those extremely patriotic anti fluoride people of York could put their funds and voices to a better use. I noticed on the EPA site that York received a violation last year for a higher than allowed level of nitrates in their water. That should be of a concern to everyone! I wonder where the nitrates come from? Do any of you anti fluoride people have an idea? I do not profess to have any knowledge about this, but don't farmers use this on their crops?

The government is trying to help the citizens with the addition of fluoride and I am very happy that I am raising my family in Lincoln where the water does have fluoride. My children have benefited greatly as none of them have any cavities. I can tell you this, when I do visit York, we will be bringing our own water.