What to look for in a free website
What to look for in a free website
Early free websites offered little server space, required advertising and posed numerous inconveniences.

When Geocities closed, I looked for a new free server. My criteria are:
1- 1Gb of server space
2- No ads
3- Accessible by FTP
4- Provides statistics
5- Allows larger uploads (20Mb)
I purchased a domain (<$10/yr) for portability. Subdomains are annoying if you have to change sites.

I registered my domain with Internet.bs which allows you to switch servers at will (click on your domain name and follow the links.)

I started with 2kmegs which was a great choice until the server went dead. Not only could I no longer communicate with the server, but I couldn't communicate with the provider. The home page had this encouraging note: Currently we are offline. We are upgrading our server and will be back in a moment. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

After reading this note for a few days I came to appreciate the importance of uptime.

I recommend having two free accounts such that if one goes down you can switch to the other.