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Convert wps to doc
Microsoft Works creates wps files which are fine unless you try to open them in another program. To open them in word 97, 2000, or 2003 download this converter. Install the update; it appends to Word allowing it to convert wps to doc. One can also purchase programs that translate wps to other formats. I've not found a good summary of these.

Word Viewer 2003 is a freebie that opens .wps files

Workaround for opening .wps files in OpenOffice

I created this page because googling "wps to doc" yielded rubbish

New! -The latest versons of Microsoft Works (v.9) can convert wps to doc. Version 9 can be purchased cheaply on e-bay.

Typical frustration:
I installed a Dell PC for a customer. It has MS Works 7.0 as standard.

The customer has loads of MS Word documents with the Word-extension .DOC

I have set the file-type .DOC to associate with the Works Wordprocessor, and when I double-click a .DOC file, it opens correctly with Works-Word. However, it converts the .DOC file upon opening into a .WPS file, the default for that program.

At my customer's site, the document gets only printed and it never changes. But when you then close the file and/or the program, the sh.t-program keeps asking to save the changes (because it converted it to .WPS).

Is there any way to stop this evil-doer from converting, and can I set the default filetype to .DOC?

It drives my customer bananas!!
The latest version of Libre Office (free) will open wps files, Open Office will not.

Older downloadable versions of Microsoft works can be found here

File conversion @ wikipedia