The "evolution worldview"
The "evolution worldview"
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Christian fundamentalists use the term "worldview" (the apologetic equivalent of "philosophy") for "intellectual orientation". To fundamentalists "worldviews" explain beliefs. The "evolution worldview" is a suggested cause of immorality. To fundamentalists the evolution worldview is the evil counterpart of the creation worldview. Worldviews correlate with general outlooks, but there's no evidence that the "evolution worldview" causes immorality. More likely positive moral behavior correlates with having a carefully considered "worldview".

Scientists see the two basic worldviews as "scientific" and "prescientific". In the prescientific worldview, finding the right perspective involves finding the right authority (the Bible, the Pope, etc.) and applying propositional logic. This worldview reached its zenith with Thomas Aquinas. In the scientific worldview one evaluates evidence, creates and tests hypotheses, employs probabilistic reasoning, and consults professionals.

What fundamentalists call "Christian worldview" is more accurately the "fundamentalist Christian worldview". Modern Christian worldviews incorporate science. The "fundamentalist creation worldview" is antithetical to science.
Google reveals that "Christian worldview" is a vastly more common term than "scientific worldview", confirming the religious orientation of "worldview"