Wingnuttia - mindless right wing propaganda
Wingnuttia - mindless right wing propaganda
Wingnutdaily - journalism for the gullible, groupthink for wingnuts, 10 nuttiest stories

Dispatches from the Culture Wars - wingnuts documented

American Family Association, Orly of Arc, Wingnut economics

Fear of energy efficiency

Mission America - fighting the Gay Agenda, American Clarion

Cornwall Alliance, Wallbuilders, Wingnuts

Right wing watch, Sovereign Citizen movement

Embassy of Heaven, Sovereign Citizen movement @ wikipedia

Bizarre biblical hermeneutics, Dangers in used clothes

Wingnut notions -
Biblical literalism - King James is truth, ignore the rest of human knowledge.
New Age - Go with the story. Science is obscurantism.
Animism - Angels and demons run the world (Witches and werewolves are out.)
Government is inherently evil.
Intellectual shortcomings -
Gullibility to rumors and conspiracy theories
Narrative suffices for explanation.
Apologetics trumps reason, the distinction between the two is obscure.
Correlation is cause (particularly for a desired conclusion.)
Susceptibility to groupthink
Morton's demon - Pay attention to accepted ideas, ignore the rest.
Confused by science