Why have a website?
Why have a website?
Personal web sites often begin with family pictures (example).

I began with two goals - to publicize a Darwin Day talk and to present professional information. Making pages is easy. I was hooked.

I then made pages on creationism (hobby) and buying books on the internet - something I do often. I found a curious pamphlet and put cover and contents online

Web pages organize links better than windows favorites. For example see news links, search URLs, and weather links. Links are convenient, easily modified, available on the road, and safe from drive failure. I routinely copy links from other sites and move links up or down the page as usage changes. My site is duplicated on the C drive. Most personal use is local.

I post solutions to my computer problems (example 1, 2, 3). Judging by hits, these are useful. If everyone did this, computer life would be easier.

I put my camera manual online. The original is in three languages and awkward to use.

I sometimes reproduce volatile internet stories (example). So far nobody has complained.

Most recently I've created travel pages for cities I visit (Chicago, London, New York). Google finds commercial pages obscured by ads and which overlook the best attractions.

I almost forgot - you can link to Omahatechconnect

HTML is an efficient storage medium compared to .doc files which are loaded with hidden code.

Web culture survives on networks, rather than pages. It's better than e-mail for sharing thoughts with the outside world.

The Web is a separate culture. Creating a web page engages with that culture. Expanding your website expands your horizons and engages with the world. It's an inexpensive substitute for international travel.

My site is my personal encyclopedia. I add what's useful, delete what's not and improve what's there.