Webcasts - audio and video
Webcasts - audio and video
YouTube, Movies

Conspiracy Road Trip, Upworthy, Documentaries

Multimedia @ NCSE, Snagfilms - Fora TV, Science videos

Berkeley - lectures and good collection of courses, Beyond Belief

New! Slate - Meaning of life TV, Debate - Hitchens-McGrath

Point of Inquiry, Skeptic's Guide to the Universe - Daily Show

UC Berkeley - Conversations with history

Guardian podcasts, New School webcasts

AEI webcasts

Library of Congress webcasts, TED talks

Q&A archives, C-Span video archives

Science magazine podcasts

KU archived webcasts, UCLA chemistry

Chemistry lectures online

Creation evolution webcast links, Skeptic podcasts

Speaking of Faith, 12 byzantine rulers

UCSD video on demand

Yale University Terry lectures - religion and science

American Philosophical Society Archives

DNA lectures (AVI, Oregon state)

Point of Inquiry - podcast archive, Rice webcast archives

Columbia archives, Princeton lecture archives, New York Public Library

Harvard archives, Adelphi archives - Yale law school archives

University of Michigan archives, MIT archives - Univ of Virginia archives

British Science association videos

From the Exploratorium, Symposium on the nature of science

HHMI lectures, Hubble video archive - Oxford webcasts

Royal Society video

Intro to molecular biology - UC Berkeley

Chemistry - crash course

Molecular biology seminars, Spacecasts

General chemistry class, CSH Biology of DNA webcasts

MIT chemistry, biology - some courses have video lectures

NIH videocasting, Danforth Plant Science Center

Human genomics - audio and video

Physics videos

Natural History Museum (London)

Amercan Museum of Natural History podcasts

Evolution - creationism webcasts