TSW WebCoder 5
TSW WebCoder 5, hints for beginners
I'm a recently converted HomeSite 5 user. I began with WebCoder 4 which is intuitively similar to HomeSite. WebCoder 5 is more cryptic so here are some hints:

On the left is the resource window - directory in the upper quadrant. Click on a folder to send subfolders into the lower quadrant. If the resource window (vertical left) or tools (vertical left or right) are missing, restore them from the view menu (top) with "show panels" and "show tools" respectively. Push F8 for the settings dialog. Click on startup and enter your startup folder. While you're in "settings", load the English spell checker.

The slider for the lower window is horizontal (vertical in HomeSite). Click on the divider and drag the boundary to display more files. Drag it back to increase workspace. Also drag the "extended search" boundary down to increase workspace. F7 enlarges the work area and hides the files bar. F7 again reverses the action.

The menus for inserting code are somewhat cryptic in WebCoder 5. Click "view" then "show tools". Now insert the menus (either left or right). Click the menu tabs to toggle among them. "General" and "format" have the most commonly used buttons. For "linebreak" simply click on the button to insert code at the cursor. For other commands highlight text then click the button. To link to one of your own files, highlight text and drag the file from your subdirectory (lower left).

Apparently "blockquote" is one of my quirks (since I can't find the button). I created my own with "Your buttons" and also created my own "font" buttons.

Nice features of WebCoder include red underlining of misspellings (when spell checker is installed) and red color of miscodings (turn black when corrected). You can create specific buttons (e.g. to insert a specific font color). You can create different buttons for different projects

As with all new programs, starting is a nuisance. Overall price and functionality of WebCoder 5 are unbeatable.

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