Tax tips
Tax tips
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IRS forms, 1040 Instructions, Nebraska tax forms

Schedule B, Schedule D, form 8949

Schedule D Instructions, Curian

Changes for 2015, Which documents to keep

Getting help from the IRS, 529 plans

Qualified dividends are a subset of ordinary dividends - Keep records for 3 years

Tax table p. 82, For payment use form 1040-V

No elderly credit if income greater than 25K

Filing tax returns - free programs Use Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax worksheet to assure paying no more than 20% tax

Business expenses are deductable only above above 2% of gross income

Medical expenses deductable only above 7.5% of gross income (get prescription profile from Walgreens)

Check to United States Treasury

Don't seal envelopes until the last minute

For donations see checkbook, tax files, bank records

Pension distributions 1099R from Curian (online)

Social security of SSA-1099 (Benefit statement)

Line 48, foreign tax credit

ScheduleD, 8949, ScheduleB, 5695, 1040, 1040-V, Neb, W2s, Curian