a bit strange?
Why is my home page a bit strange?
If you haven't noticed, my home page has many, varied topics. That's because it's not designed to promote a particular idea; it's my personal, working encyclopedia. I capture what's interesting and update as strikes my fancy. My "newspaper" and "dynamic" pages contain working links. Away from home I use my "URL" page .

My site is a set of loosely related clusters which come together at their loosest on the home page. I expect browsers to find pages of interest on Google. The site is arranged so that once you find a page, you can navigate the cluster and occasionally encounter related clusters. For those with eclectic tastes, my home page displays (almost) the full range of interests.

For a "complete" listing of my sites on a particular topic plug the topic into Google advanced search and then type "lclane2.net" where is says "Search within a site or domain:" (lowest box on page). If you leave the topic box empty the result will list all pages on my domain.

See "memex" (Vannevar Bush, Atlantic Monthly, 1945)