Spybot update, update spybot
Useful tip: Spybot runs faster & works better in safe mode (press F8 on restart)

Spybot update, update spybot
Spybot 1.3 displaced Spybot 1.2. The latter is no longer updated. I recently installed 1.3 (overwrote). 1.3 picked up 36 files not recognized by 1.2 and successfully deleted them. Be aware that some have had problems with 1.3.

New! Lately I get "bad checksum" when I try to download. This is overloaded servers (see below). Click on the server address to the right of "Search for updates" and select a different server from the menu.

Updates are generally weekly, usually Wednesdays.

Spybot 1.3

When selected updates don't download (or show "bad checksum"), change mirror sites. The mirror menu is cryptic. Access it by clicking the inverted triangle to the right of the default site - SecurityWonks.net #1 (USA) in my case.