What is "sound science"?
What is "sound science"?
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"Sound science", like "objective science," is a term used by denialists who are unhappy with legitimate conclusions of the scientific community. While the latter term is used primarily by creationists, the former is used by industries whose profits are threatened by legitimate science. Decades ago it was tobacco companies that were threatened by documented health effects of tobacco smoke. Today it is oil companies and coastline developers whose profits are threatened by global warming.

The legitimacy of science is such that outright denial is implausible. The alternative strategy is to claim that existing science ignores important factors and that "further studies are necessary." "Sound science" strives to postpone conclusions of legitimate science to the indefinite future.

How does one know that "sound science" is illegitimate? Pay attention to who finances the promoters. Pay attention to whether promoters are citing scientific literature or popular literature. Pay attention to whether promoters have legitimate scientific credentials in the field they criticize. Pay attention to whether promoters have a history of science denial. Note that petitions are a classic science denial strategy. Identify organizations that promote science denial such as the Heartland Institute.

Keep in mind that normal science is both objective and sound.