Phil Skell - antievolution apologist
Philip Skell - antievolution apologist

Philip Skell
Philip Skell
"the main purpose" of anyone teaching evolutionary biology in our schools is the "indoctrination of students to a worldview of materialism and atheism"

"I have examined carefully the evidence on both sides of this debate and my conclusion is based solely on scientific considerations, no religious criteria."
Philip Skell

"As for the periodic table of the elements -- the sooner we expunge it the better. While ostensibly useful to chemists like Skell, the periodic table is a manifestly atheistic schema, implying that every atom boasts a natural internal cohesion requiring no divine glue"

James Morrow
"Philip Skell is not a credible source."

PZ Myers
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Penn State, Carbene chemist
member of the National Academy, now a rabid antievolutionist.

STRUCTURE OF CARBENE, CH2, Philip S. Skell, Robert C. Woodworth; J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 1956; 78(17); 4496-4497
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