Giuseppe Sermonti
Giuseppe Sermonti
Biographical sketch of professional experience
PhD in agriculture and in biology. At the Health Institute of Rome, G.S. discovers genetic recombination in Penicillium and Streptomyces. Full Professor of Genetics. Publishes books on Scientism and on Evolutionism. He is the leading critic of neo-darwinism in Italy.
Giuseppe Sermonti, born in Rome in 1925, is retired Professor of Genetics at the University of Perugia. He discovered genetic recombination in antibiotic-producing Penicillium and Streptomyces and he presided the Associazione Genetica Italiana in 1970-1971. In 1978 he served as Vice-President of the XIV International Congress of Genetics in Moscow; and he was an organizer of the Working Group on the Genetics of Industrial Organisms, the International Committee of which he chaired from 1979 to 1988.

Since 1979, Sermonti has been Chief Editor of Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum(Genoa) founded in Perugia in 1919. Rivista di Biologia is one of the oldest extant biology journals in the world. It publishes researches and essays in theoretical biology, in the broadest sense, from all biological disciplines – including evolution, development, genetics, biophysics and the history of biology.

In 1987, Sermonti helped to found the Osaka Group for the Study of Dynamic Structure in Japan. He is considered to be the leading critic of neo-Darwinism in Italy.

Sermonti’s books include: Genetics of Antibiotic-Producing Microorganisms, 1969 (Wiley, London); Il Crepuscolo dello Scientismo (Twilight of Scientism), 1971, 2002 (Nova Scripta, Genoa) ; Dopo Darwin (After Darwin), with R. Fondi, 5 editions, 1980-1984 (Rusconi, Milan); Fiabe di Tre Reami (Fairy Tales of Three Realms), 1985-1989, 2004 (La Finestra, Trento), Why is A Fly Not A Horse?, 2005 (Discovery Institute Press).
Giuseppe Sermonti, Rome. Research in antibiotic producing microorganisms; criticism to scientism and genetic defaults of neo-Darwinism; executive membership of the Osaka Group for the Study of Dynamic Structuralism; Editor, Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum.