Computer won't boot in safe mode
Computer won't boot in safe mode
Recently I made the unpardonable mistake of downloading from an untrustworthy site which changed home pages, installed search bars and several unwanted programs. To solve the problem I set msconfig (in Windows 8) to restart in safe mode. To my chagrin the computer rebooted to a blank page. I was unable to recover and took the computer to my local computer specialist. To my surprise he had no problem restarting the computer. I brought it home but still had safe mode problems. After a couple of trips to the store we narrowed it down to the DIVX to VGA adapter. The adapter appeared normal, but a new adapter not only solved the safe mode problem but eliminated an annoying resolution incompatibility message.

It appears that connections within the adapter for low screen resolution (safe mode) differ from (and aren't a subset of) those used for high resolution (normal mode).

This is a significant programming defect because it complicates recovery from problems.

To access safe mode - win+R then msconfig then boot, select safe mode

Right click in lower left for options