Recount confirms Wilmot loss
Recount confirms Wilmot loss
Published Thursday, December 5, 2002 - Omaha World Herald
LINCOLN (AP) - Just 115 votes will keep Kathy Wilmot from returning to the State Board of Education.

Wilmot lost to Kandy Imes of Gering in the race that was the subject of a recount Wednesday.

The recount was ordered after Wilmot and Imes were 102 votes apart following the Nov. 5 election. After the recount, Wilmot had 28,485 votes compared with 28,600 for Imes.

The vote totals are to be made official by the state canvassing board Monday.

The district, which includes 35 counties, covers basically the entire state west of Kearney.

Wilmot has been on the board eight years. She unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2000, finishing a distant third for the 3rd District's Republican nomination behind winner Tom Osborne and John Gale, who is now secretary of state.

Wilmot is one of two incumbents voted off the board. Kathryn Piller of Omaha was defeated by Joe Higgins.

Last summer, Wilmot and Piller supported changing science standards that would have allowed science instructors to teach theories other than evolution. Proponents of the evolution theory argued that would have opened the door for the teaching of creationism.