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What's required to be skeptical? - REASON Omaha

Nebraska Citizens for Science (NCFS) - Lincoln

Are we wired to serve God? - Bounded rationality

Rationality materials at Less Wrong

What is a conservative? - Making decisions

Fluoridation - a recent Nebraska issue

Rationalizing - what is it? - investigating miracles

The nature of anecdotes, Evaluating beliefs

Krauss on pseudoscience, The inoculated mind - an essay on pseudoscience

History of deception

Differences between evangelicism and fundamentalism

Critical thinking - resource with links! - more resources

Basics of critical thinking, Analytical thinking

Fallacious arguments, The fallacy files

Bradford Hill's criteria for causation

Talkreason, The polygraph

Robert Park's Seven warning signs of bogus science, Irving Langmuir's Pathological Science

Handy guides to homeland security

Effects of global warming on sea level

North Texas skeptics - their skeptical news is especially good

Rocky Mountain Skeptics - Colorado - resources page

Rationalists of East Tennessee

James Randi Educational foundation

CSICOP - Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

CSICOP directory of skeptical organizations

Skeptical Inquirer, Prometheus Books

Victor Stenger - interview with Victor Stenger

South Place Ethical Society - Conway Hall - London

The New Humanist - published by RPA

The Rationalist Association

Leicester Secular Society - founded 1851

The Skeptic Magazine - Loughton, Essex