Queensland could soon join water fluoridation
Queensland could soon join water fluoridation
Thu, Feb 24 2005
Queensland could soon join the rest of Australia in introducing water fluoridation, ending a 30-year impasse that has left the state's children with the nation's highest dental cavity rates.

The Queensland government is preparing to force local councils to add fluoride to water supplies, The Australian newspaper reported.

The paper said the current policy of leaving the decision to councils had left the state with Australia's lowest water fluoridation rate and an incidence of dental cavities in children 10 per cent higher than the national average.

"There are very strong arguments in favour of fluoridation and we'd be delighted to see councils do it, but it is a council responsibility at the moment," Premier Peter Beattie was quoted as saying.

Mr Beattie and Health Minister Gordon Nuttall had agreed to work on a joint submission for cabinet to make a final decision, the paper said.