Geo Prizm, 1991
Geo Prizm, 1991
1.6 L, code 6

Oil filter - 4967, 9/16"

Air filter CA6395

Fuel G6674

PCV FV 279

Tires - 175/70R13

Tire pressure - 29psi front & rear

MAP sensor - connection problem

Fuel capacity 13.2 gal

Cooling system - 5.6 qts

Battery 13mm (+), 11mm (-)

Alternator - Delco; bolts, upper 12mm, lower 14mm, connector 10mm

Outside door handle, 10mm

Door lock rod clips

Idler pulley - 14mm, replaced Aug 06

Tightened belt adjuster (14mm) behind and below alternator
tighten this regularly!
Rear seat, pull tabs way out, back 12mm

Rear struts - stabilizer bar link is very nasty - had to cut off the nut (use drill) and buy new nut

Phillips driver sufficient to install new nut, but too little grip to remove old one

Disconnect brakeline w/10mm wrench - remove from bracket and reassemble outside bracket while replacing strut