The science of George McCready Price
The science of George McCready Price
A- In 1900's Mendelian genetics overthrew Lamarckian inheritance
1- Explained how variation persisted

2- Explained why blending didn't eliminate characteristics

3- Couldn't explain how variation arose until the new synthesis in 30s

B- Price assumed Earth's age, relied on dubious geology
C- Thought geological inversions in American west were only in geologists' minds
1- Strata were dated by fossils which were in turn dated by strata (circular reasoning)

2- Concluded that any stratum could overlie any other, hence geological ages invalid (modern critique)

3- Thought this an important insight and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince other geologists

4- If ages were incorrect then flood geology was OK
D- Now have reliable radiometric dating - K-Ar, Rb-Sr, U-Pb

E- Even then inversion was a testable hypothesis
1- Sediments deposit in polar fashion (large grains on bottom of varve)

2- Price was not experimental scientist
F- Now know that tectonic plates created folds, inversions

G- Price's argument long discredited but still cited by creationists

H- Price considered theory of evolution to be on its last legs

I- Creationists still cite this uncritically.