The influence of George McCready Price
The influence of George McCready Price
A- Price was the best known anti-evolution scholar of the 1920's

B- His The New Geology (fundamentalist geology text) was well known

C- Price would have testified at the Scopes trial if he were in US
1- As it was his The Phantom of Organic Evolution was a big seller in Dayton

2- TT Martin's, Hell and the High Schools was the other big seller
D- Returned to US in 1928, taught at SDA schools - retired in 1938

E- Prolific output of books and pamphlets (about 35)

F- Most influential books published at Lincoln address

G- Helped form Religion and Science Association (RSA, 1935), but fell apart (1937) over age of earth

H- Helped found the Deluge Geology Society (1938), again foundered (1947) on age of earth

I- Starting point for John Whitcomb, Henry Morris
1- Wrote The Genesis Flood published in 1961

2- Creation Research Society - 1964 - requires oath on biblical literalism (to prevent heresy on Earth's age)