Nancy Pearcey
Nancy Pearcey - young Earth creationist
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Nancy Pearcey
Nancy Pearcey
"I think students should learn both explanations. Schools should teach the controversy."

"Evidence for design shows up in laboratories all the time."

"... a lot of creationist arguments against evolution of course have been taken up by ID as well."

"Mystery.. was reviewed in top professional journals such as the Yale Journal of Biology, and it is still used in graduate schools across the nation for its sheer scientific cogency."

"Design is a concept that is simple, easy to explain, and based solidly on experience. It has tremendous popular appeal because it answers the publicís most pressing concerns. Whatís more, it is poised to revolutionize science as dramatically as Newtonian physics did in the first scientific revolution". *

Nancy Pearcey
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I've seen Nancy Pearcey's name at several intelligent design sites, but I only recently saw her on TV promoting her new book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity on C-Span's BookTV. Judging from the introduction, fundamentalists regard her as a "science expert". Her "expertise" comes largely from 13 years with Bible Science Newsletter, published by the Bible Science Association (now Creation Moments). Her biography suggests that her intellectual world centers on fundamentalism (young Earth creationism). Her science appears to be "faith based ignorance".

Her new book promotes Christianity as fact rather than belief. She views Darwin, rather than the "enlightenment", as the foundation of (evil) secularism. Like many fundamentalists she doesn't distinguish between science and apologetics. She sees "worldviews", the fundamentalist equivalent of philosophy, as keys to the issue.

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* This is as probable as mice on treadmills replacing the internal combustion engine