What anti-evolutionists easily overlook
What anti-evolutionists easily overlook
1- Organisms are much more alike at the subcellular level than at the whole organism level, i.e. relationships inferred from whole organism morphology can be misleading.

2- Geological time scales are more firmly established than is apparent to the novice. The age of the Earth was known to be at least hundreds of millions of years in the 1820s (before Darwin). Radiometric dating has been firmly established for more than 50 years. Properties of atomic nuclei are insensitive to the physical and chemical environment. Double blind experiments assure that radiometric dates aren't fudged. Improved radiometric dating procedures increase reliability and accuracy, and also confirm the conclusions of earlier methods. Apologetic arguments against radiometric dating (particularly 14C) are based on naive (mis)understandings.

3- The geological record is inherently incomplete. Newer findings (e.g. Tiktaalik and Pakicetus) confirm (rather than refute) evolution.

4- Molecular methods confirm (often in spectacular ways) evolution. They could have done otherwise.

5- There are many mechanisms of speciation, most of which are only partially understood.

6- Contrary to creationist claims, evidence for evolution is rapidly increasing.

7- DNA sequence similarities among organisms are strong evidence for evolution. The nature of the differences and similarities is far stronger evidence. Relationships inferred from sequences of a gene can be confirmed by relationships inferred from other genes

8- DNA evidence shows continuity among life forms indicating no obvious boundaries between micro- and macroevolution. DNA evidence could have shown otherwise.

9- Scientists are motivated by curiosity rather than doctrine. They have a scientific worldview rather than an evolutionary worldview.

10- There are cognitive barriers to understanding evolution.