Where are the facts?
Where are the facts?
Waterloo Record - Jan 10, 2011 - original

Re: Board dropped the ball — Dec. 7
In his letter, Daniel Eckert states, “Neither the theory of evolution not the factual and observed process of evolution is a ‘type of religious study.’ The theory is our scientific explanation of the fact of evolution.”

His description of the “fact of evolution” bothers me. I believe that after 150 years scientists have not been able to find even one provable fact to back up the theory of “goo-to-you” evolution. Yes, we have evolution within kinds, as God programmed. There were probably two dogs on Noah’s Ark, but today we have hundreds of different species of dogs, but they are all dogs. I am not convinced there is any evidence to show that any of them changed into a cat or a small horse or any other animal. Same can be said of any other animal, including Darwin’s finches changing beak size, but they are still finches (kind), not some other animal.

My definition of the word “theory” is “imagination.” People can imagine all kinds of things and if they imagine it long enough they try to teach it as fact, even though there is no evidence to back it up. This is where we are (in my opinion) with regards to the theory of evolution. I’m still looking for that one provable fact that can back it up (not theory).

Paul Rockel