What is 'objective science'?
What is 'objective science'?
National Association for Objectivity in Science (pseuodoscience)

Scientists rarely use the phrase "objective science". It appears mostly in antievolution literature referring to science classes which include "both sides" (evolution and alternatives). "Objective science" (example) presents "both (all) viewpoints" and encourages students to discuss them.

Proponents of "objective science" tend to view science as a collection of facts. The objective approach is then to consider all facts and to draw independent conclusions by propositional logic. This contrasts to science which creates hypotheses, tests concepts experimentally and subjects conclusions to peer review.

"Objective science" misleads students especially in terms of the scientific process. Proper science training exposes students to concepts that come directly from professional science literature and to scientific reasoning which employs a broad range of formal reasoning skills, including probabilistic reasoning, control of variables, hypothesis creation and hypothesis testing.

By consensus America leads the world in science, but our lead is declining. Teaching anything but the most rigorous science will accelerate the decline.
Information about the National Association for Objectivity in Science is difficult to find. It appears to be only a website. Quackwatch lists it as a questionable organization. The site belongs to HB Bouma a corporate tax lawyer. Current contact labels it clearly as promoting intelligent design creationism

More recently Citizens for Objective Education has appeared. This organization views science dualistically with the two sides being rational and religious. The implication being that fairness requires reasoning to be accompanied by (fundamentalist) religion. Regarding social studies and history standards COPE emphasizes American exceptionalism which overlooks misdemeanors and deficiencies and overemphasizes American accomplishments.

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