Why is Obama such a loser?
Why is Obama such a loser?
I follow Quora, where people pose questions and others up- or down-vote the answers. Amid many good, intriguing questions came this bonehead query:

Why is Obama such a loser?

And here's the top-rated answer:

Glenn Rocess, former US Navy engineer

Hm, let me see here…Obama:

Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and is a Constitutional scholar

Is by any definition a “self-made man”

Was elected president of the most powerful nation in human history

Took over during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression (we lost 800K+ jobs in January 2009) *and* with America embroiled in the two longest wars in our history, and

Faced the greatest degree of political obstruction faced by any president since the Civil War.

Yet by the end of his administration, Obama

Ended both wars (Afghanistan is no longer a war, but an occupation)

Took out Osama bin Laden (remember the helicopter that crashed? He refused to authorize the mission unless a second helicopter was standing by close enough to respond…and his insistence kept the mission from becoming a disaster. Yes, he does personally get the credit!)

Took America through what is by far the longest stretch of private-sector job growth in our nation's history, through which the Dow Jones index nearly tripled

Gave the American population its highest degree of health insurance in our history

Had zero scandals involving him or his family - you do realize that Trump has had as many different marriages as all Democratic presidents since LBJ - combined

And he accomplished much, much more - too much to list in a Quora answer.

And oh, yeah, ended his administration nearly as popular as when he first took over.
Yeah, I only wish I could be such a loser as he is!