John M. Millam has been interested in science since at least high school, where he took as many science classes as he could. In college, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in both chemistry and physics at the University of Arizona. He combined both of these interests by working on a Ph.D. in computational chemistry from Rice University. His doctoral thesis was on using sparse matrix techniques to allow standard quantum chemistry models to be applied to much larger molecules than was previously possible. Additional post-doctoral work was done at Wayne State University developing programs for simulating molecular dynamics of chemical systems. Today, Dr. Millam works for a software company called Semichem and continues to develop computational chemistry software that can be used by chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical companies, and material scientists.
1997-01 Wayne State University Post-doctoral Research
1992-97 Rice University Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry
1987-92 University of Arizona B.S., Chemistry and Physics 1987-92
Honors and Awards
Welch Fellowship, 1992-93.
In his scientific work, Dr. Millam has published eight papers, made seven poster presentations, and ten oral presentations. In his role as “scientist to the layman” he has given numerous oral and electronic presentations to a variety of audiences.
A “Scientist to the Layman”
In addition to his professional interests, he is interested in showing how theology and philosophy are the ally of science rather than the enemy. As a scientist to the layman he is interested in communicating the findings of science in a way that is understandable to the ordinary person and how this integrates with philosophy and theology. This includes writing numerous electronic articles and giving public presentations on science, theology, and philosophy. Of particular recent interest is learning how theology historically gave birth to modern science and understanding the philosophy of science.