Frank Lewis Marsh
Frank Lewis Marsh - timeline
1899: Born Aledo, Illinois

1929: B.S. from Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University - Berrien Springs, MI)

1929-34: Taught science and math at Hinsdale Academy - Hinsdale, IL (an Adventist school)

1935: Chairman of biology department, Union College, Lincoln, NE.

1940: Ph. D. in plant ecology from University of Nebraska. A preview of his thesis Water content and osmotic pressure of certain prairie plants in relation to environment is available online.

1941 - Self publishes Fundamental Biology - coins the word "baramin" - see baraminology at wikipedia

1944: Publishes Evolution, Creation and Science

1950: Becomes professor of biology and Emmanuel Missionary College - Now Andrews University

1963: Among original founders of Creation Research Society

1976: Publishes Variation and fixity in nature

1992: Dies