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It's simple. I'm a Ph.D but that doesn't mean I'm smart. If I were smart wouldn't this be the Quantum Mechanics home page?

How do you know it's simple? Right click your mouse and click on View source or View code or something similar. Notice there's not much code! By comparing the page with the source you can pretty well translate the code
What do I need?

1- Free server space (FreeWebHosting for example) - the provider will tell you how to access the server (e.g. the FTP address). For a few dollars a month you can use a commercial host (more reliable). I now use iPage which gives me plenty of space and provides web statistics.

2- An HTML editor - I bought HomeSite 5.0 (~$90) a text based editor that works great for me. It's one of the best buys I've made. You can get it for as little as $40 on ebay. I downloaded TSW WebCoder 4.0 (free) from CNET. This is similar to HomeSite and is an excellent, formerly free alternative. Most recently I've used HTML-Kit (free). Editors allow you to insert code from menus and to toggle between the web page and the code version. See TSW WebCoder page. See TSW WebCoder page in edit mode.

3- Editors have code validators that make sure your programming meets standards. The HomeSite validator encourages style sheets. I prefer simple code and ignore warnings (yellow). I change only what's red in the validator check. WebCoder 5 hints.

4- To upload your page you need an FTP program or your host site's file manager. I use Core FTP Lite 1.3. It works fine. See FTP connection problem.

5- A book - I like Elizabeth Castro's HTML for the World Wide Web which Amazon recommends - note that some commands work only in Netscape! Also consider web tutorials - video.

6- When you see a nice web page, click view source and see how they do it. You can copy code to your own page.

7- List of HTML 4.0 coding elements. Coding Greek and symbols in HTML

8- Online HTML tutorial

9- Another home page do it yourself site