Computer maintenance
Computer maintenance tips - largely Windows 98, XP

1- Minimize icons on the desktop. Remove rarely used programs from start menu (lower left corner).

2- Defragment regularly. Freebie defragmenters are readily available.

3- Track performance: start\settings\control panel\system\performance - on startup 90% of resources should be available.

4- Monitor startup files start\run\msconfig\startup. Deactivate what's unnecessary. I get by with only the antivirus!

5- Check startup files regularly because programs add files to the startup menu.

6- List of startup files - see also

7- Use Ccleaner and Glary Utilities regularly to delete temporaries and clean the registry

8- Managing startup files that msconfig overlooks

9- Deleting dotnetfx temporary files

10- If you can't id file in the startup list, Google it.

11- Check for spyware, especially if your browser has slowed. More spyware help, Update spybot.

12- What to do if your browser suddenly slows

13- Overcoming internet options restrictions

14- Recovering hijacked search explorer bar

15- The Google toolbar has a convenient (and free) pop up stopper

16- Web hosting - check comments on badly rated host.

17- Free Windows installation media

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