D. James Kennedy Sees 'Wall of Evolution' Eventually Tumbling Down

D. James Kennedy Sees 'Wall of Evolution' Eventually Tumbling Down
By Allie Martin - Feb 2, 2005
The founder of the Center for Reclaiming America says although the theory of evolution has influenced virtually every school district worldwide, there are signs that its influence is waning.

Dr. D. James Kennedy says the recent announcement by renowned philosophical atheist Dr. Anthony Flue that he now believes in a "creator" poses a major problem for evolutionists. Kennedy, addressing hundreds of people at the "Defending the Faith" conference in Fort Lauderdale this week, said there is a heightened interest in creationism. And evolution, he stated, is losing favor with many people as scientists cannot explain the complexity of the human body.

"We are fearfully and wonderfully made -- and thatís what Anthony Flue discovered," Kennedy said. "And thatís what is the crack in the Jericho wall of naturalistic evolution. Iím sure some of us will be around when the walls come tumbling down."

It is Kennedyís opinion that Christians who embrace evolution are compromising their faith. He describes evolution as the most destructive idea ever to enter the mind of man, and a concept that has killed more people than all religions that ever existed.

"Communistic evolution, according to the Senate committee that examined it, is responsible for 135 million deaths in peacetime," he said. "Thereís no religion that has a tiny fraction of that many deaths on it conscience." And it is amazing, he added, that evolution -- despite its widespread acceptance -- has no scientific basis. "There are scientists who will admit that thereís not one iota of scientific evidence to support it."

The "Defending the Faith" conference, which runs through Wednesday, is sponsored by the Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis and hosted by Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, where Dr. Kennedy is the senior pastor.

Vastness of Universe Testimony to Godís Fullness

Christian author Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr., is one of the featured speakers at the three-day conference. The editor of Tabletalk, a Bible study magazine, says believers need to emphasize Godís sovereignty as shown through creation. The vastness of the universe, he said, points to a creator.

"You hear these secular scientists wringing their hands over the size of the universe? What does that say about us?" Sproul asked rhetorically. "That weíre just this tiny little speck on this out-of-the-way planet in this out-of-the-way solar system when the universe is such a vast expanse. Itís too big for us!"

But foolish men, he said, deny that fact and, instead, respond by trying to "elevate" their own dignity and importance. Sproul said that is a mistake. "Of course too big for us!" he stated. " itís not too big for God. It is the manifestation of His fullness."

Tom DeRosa, executive director of the Florida-based Creation Studies Institute, is a former atheist who is attending the conference. He explains that he became a Christian in 1978, but did not accept the biblical account of creation until one year later. He believes there should be ongoing training to help Christians defend their faith when it comes to the topic of creation.

"Creation is extremely important, and not too many people can articulate it," DeRosa says. "But I believe there needs to be ongoing training . Just like we go to school and study a course in the Bible, perhaps, like the Book of John. I believe creation needs that kind of importance and designation, because unfortunately itís been neglected."

The ability to defend creation, he says, is "foundational" to a Christianís faith.
Allie Martin, a regular contributor to AgapePress, is a reporter for American Family Radio News, which can be heard online.