Impress presentations - alternative to powerpoint
Impress presentations - alternative to powerpoint
Info and tutorial

Open office Impress

Textbox creator (large T) is in the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the page

Tips and ideas

Comparing Impress with Powerpoint

Exporting Open Office files to web pages

Star Office guide to Impress

Key shortcuts

To set defaults, create a template

To create a template, new file, set background, format character (font, size, style) save as template)

Open template directly from star office menu

To escape text mode click on select arrow (lower left)

To move text, picture blocks click on rectangle

Textbox background color - format, area, color

To add a text box, click on the big "T" in the bottom toolbar

To delete text box select, press delete key

To remove text box, right double click, eliminate "+" marker

For background color choose format, page, background

Text toolbar replaces line and filling toolbar when in text mode

For slide pane - view, slide pane

When functions not working properly save document, close impress and reopen