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All my faves, Google blog search, Bing

Google video, Internet Archive at wikipedia, Internet search tools

Guide to efficient searching, YouTube, Metacrawler advanced search

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Search engine watch (info on search engines), search engine list, more.

Scholar search, Blog search, Google cheat sheet

Google operators, Yahoo people search, Google maps, Yippy, Google search tips

Google News - 5000 news sites crawled every 15 minutes, compiled by AI

Do search words disappear when you use the back button?

Google trends - what's happening in the world of search terms

20 Google secrets, Fagan Finder

Google history, The PageRank algorithm, PigeonRank

Mehran Sahami - gave computer science seminar @ UNL, Google recognizes his name, but what would your spell checker do? This is a good example of how artificial intelligence (AI) differs from a dictionary.

Google and the future of search engines

Most popular search terms - 2003