Creationist glossary
Creationist glossary

Phrases specific to creationists or used differently than in science
Accurate science - see objective science

Bible college - the only college where it's safe to take science courses

Biblical worldview - prescientific worldview

correlation - proof of causation

creation science - biblical creationism with references to religion removed

creationism - apologetics supporting Genesis 1

critical thinking - rationalizing or propositional logic

Darwin - a 19th century thinker whose ideas should be rejected along with those of Marx and Freud

Discovery Institute - reactionary political organization which promotes intelligent design

education - indoctrination

eminent scientists - Discovery Institute idealogues

evolution - the cause of immorality, a "theory in crisis"

information - a fundamental substance that biologists don't understand

intelligent design - creationism where God is inferred, but not mentioned; horseshit with a large advertising budget

irreducible complexity - biological complexity for which imagination fails to perceive an evolutionary origin

Isaac Newton - a famous creationist

liberal elite - people who read, people who think, worse still people who do both

literal interpretation - ignorance that one is interpreting

macroevolution - complex evolution which requires supernatural intervention

microevolution - most of this is false too, but it's inconsequential and not worth arguing about

National Academy of Sciences - group of the most heavily indoctrinated scientists

naturalism - rejects supernatural explanations (which scientists might consider if they made useful and testable predictions).

neo-creationism - creationism developed since the last time courts excluded it from science classes

not creationism - Discovery Institute claim for intelligent design, in this case a fallacy of classification

objective science - "science" that includes creationism along with evolution

old Earth creationism - creationism that accepts radiometric dating

origins science - speculations on the origin of life, a creation science term

Santorum amendment - an amendment to "No child left behind", constructed by the Discovery Institute, passed by the Senate, but deleted in conference committee.

Satan - the creator of evolutionary doctrine

science - knowledge, including pseudoscience, stuff that scientists are indoctrinated with

scientific creationism - biblical creationism with references to the bible deleted.

scientists - see "eminent scientists"

Second law of thermodynamics - scientific law that's easy to violate rhetorically with little fear of detection by the audience.

teaching the controversy - teaching evolution as if it were scientifically controversial

theory - speculation

two groups of experts - scientists on one hand and Discovery Institute idealogues on the other

viewpoint discrimination - failure to include pseudosciences (especially creationism) in science curricula

young Earth creationism - creationism that takes the age of Earth to be 6000 years.