Understanding evolution at the fairy tale level
Understanding evolution at the fairy tale level
Letter: The Dupes of Darwin, Topeka Capital-Journal, 11/15/2013, Original
The author of a recent letter to the editor, “Science of because,” bemoaned the addition of intelligent design creationism as science to Charles Darwin’s prevailing Origin of the Species theory.

While the author is doubtful of “any advances for our society” from such a change, there’s no doubt as to the “advances” inflicted upon our society by the dupes of Darwin.

Considering the numbers of children fed the devil’s gospel of haphazardly evolving by chance from objects or hairy animals, rather than created in the image of a divine intelligence and designed with dignity, integrity and worth, it’s no great wonder our society has “evolved” into the devil’s contra-consequence, sex-crazed cesspool.

The architects of the cesspool have designed a decadent society wherein animals are cherished and protected while “unplanned” human beings are disposed into the trash bin of extinction, and marriages, which form civilizations and families, are dissected into a smorgasbord of sexual preferences.

How refreshing that a portion of the stench would be released from the cesspool, arranged by persons who acknowledge an intelligence superior to themselves and have responded intelligently to an unintelligently designed gospel.