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George Gilder and Intelligent Design
Rhetoric yes, science no

george gilder
George Gilder
"I’ve never taken a biology course"

"Intelligent design itself does not have any content."
George Gilder
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An intellectually vacuous right winger?
"I come to this issue not as a biologist (I have never taken a biology course)"

"Math and science teaching in US high schools, the richest in the world and worst performing per dollar, is a scandal, and part of the problem is biology. In all too many high schools biology classes rule the roost and dispense anti-industrial propaganda about global warming and the impact of DDT on the egg shells of eagles and tell materialist just-so stories about the eventual random emergence, after an agonizing wait of four billion years, of Britney Spears from primordial soup. But they fail to report the central testimony of twentieth century science: the paramount role of rigorous mathematical information in the universe."

Is there a correlation here? Do high achieving countries share Gilder's beliefs?
Formal reasoning skills are far more important than beliefs in science education.
Perspective on Gilder

Science apologetics (what is science apologetics?)
"Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas are Harvard professors and their essay refuting human causes of Global Warming was peer reviewed and endorsed by some 17 thousand scientists. Arthur Robinson was Linus Pauling’s protege and is one of the most brilliant chemists in the world. He publishes a monthly critique of global warming and other spurious scientific claims, including the belief that DDT is harmful to humans (he shows that the DDT ban caused a massive resurgence of deadly malaria) Entitled Access to Energy, his letter is available from the Oregon Center for Science and Medicine, Box 1250, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523. It regularly publishes summaries and critiques of peer reviewed analysis of these issues."

DDT toxicity
Perspective on Global Warming
Robinson is well known to be idiosyncratic
Modeling has improved in the last 5 years
Disembodied information (resembles Global Consciousness Project)
"I believe that the universe in some way is enveloped in a noosphere of information which it decodes. You can laugh and say that to the information theorist the whole universe seems to be a communications channel. You can correctly point out that a belief in an enveloping shroud of information—an epistemic hierarchy stemming from an ergodic source—is tantamount to a belief in “God” or at least er-god, and that is as much as a confession that I am a charlatan or poltroon. My emphasis on Godel’s proof as a further confirmation of the irreducibility of ultimate knowledge implies Godel, who believed he was proving the existence of a “God.” So be it."

On this scale I suspect Godel might recognize misinformation